A Child’s Hope

Day 24:

Merry Almost-Christmas one and all!

At the annual Christmas tea held at our church, a lady we know shared her heartwarming story about the Christmas when she was seven years old. With her permission we have written a short story based on her tale. We hope you will enjoy it and be as inspired as we were by this touching tale!


A Child’s Hope


Sarah Newton sat in a chair in the living room of their trailer, looking at an old picture book about a little bear and the little girl who he belonged to. It was her favorite book and had been read so much that the cover had come off, but her mother had taped it back on with care. Sarah had asked Santa for a teddy bear like the one in the book, and with each day her anticipation grew for Christmas Day when she would surely find it under the tree, because Santa never let people down.

This was a hard year for the Newtons. Mrs. Newton had just divorced her husband, and she was in deep financial trouble. It was difficult enough paying the bills without Christmas to worry about. She was filled with a deep ache every time she thought about Sarah and the look she would have on her face when she peeked under the tree and found no presents. That was until she received a call from her friend Alice Delancey, saying that she and her husband Mark had decided to come for Christmas and would bring gifts and dinner. They were to arrive at the airport at 7:27 pm on the 23rd.

Weeks had passed and the 23rd finally arrived. Mrs. Newton had found herself humming carols to herself while she swept the floor and straightened the pictures. For the first time in months she felt at peace and could take a deep breath. Everything was going to be okay. The phone began to ring.


“Mrs. Newton, this is Grace.” Grace was the Delancey’s 23-year-old daughter.

“Hello, Grace. Is everything alright?” Mrs. Newton could hear the distress in Graces voice.

“My parents plane was caught in a storm about an hour ago and the plane crashed. My mom is in a coma.” She heard the young woman’s voice crack on the other end.

Mrs. Newton was speechless. She was very sad that her friends had been hurt, but right now she needed to worry about Sarah. That aching feeling came back, only ten times worse. She shuddered, trying to shake the feeling away. Then she looked over at Sarah, who was sitting in the living room quietly looking at a book. Her eyes filled with tears and she had to look away.

“I…I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do?” she finally muttered.

“She is stable and we are with her. My dad is going through an x-ray to see if anything is seriously broken. Things don’t look fatal.”

“I hope they get well quickly, and my thoughts are with them. Take care. Goodbye.”

What am I going to do? She thought to herself. Sarah will be so disappointed. Sometimes the best way is just to tell everything straight the way it is. She finally decided. Sarah is a big girl. She will understand.

“Sarah, I need to tell you something.” She began, trying not to cry.

Sarah looked up at her with big, innocent eyes. “Yeah, mom?”

“Sarah, do you remember when I told you Santa Claus was real and he always brings presents?”

“Of course, Mommy.” Sarah answered with childlike trust.

“I was wrong. Santa does not exist, and you need to know that. You’re seven years old, it’s time you grew up. There will be no presents under that tree tomorrow morning.”

“But Mom, you said Santa would come! You said he always comes!”

“Honey, I-”

“I don’t believe you! You are lying!” Sarah’s eyes filled with tears. She threw down the book and ran to her room.

Mrs. Newton slowly walked to the kitchen. She went through the cupboards and the refrigerator. She found a box of instant mashed potatoes and a few meatballs in a bag at the back of the freezer. Those would have to be enough for Christmas dinner. What was she going to do? She imagined Sarah’s shock the next morning when she awoke to find not a single gift under the tree. Mrs. Newton thought about Sarah’s denial and the hurt look in her eyes when she told her there would be no gifts. She collapsed into a chair and sobbed.

The next morning, Mrs. Newton awoke to Sarah jumping on her bed.

“Mom, wake up! Wake up! It’s Christmas morning, I wanna go see if Santa brought me anything!”

Mrs. Newton could hardly stand to watch the look of hope and excitement in Sarah’s eyes. In just a few minutes that little girl’s hopes would all be crushed, perhaps permanently.

“Sweetheart, I told you, Santa is not coming. There is no Santa.”

“There has to be a Santa, Mom! Who else would leave gifts for me every Christmas?”

With that, Sarah bounded off the bed and into the living room. There under the tree that her grandparents had brought over for them, was a small baby doll, with pink pajamas and eyes that blinked, and a teddy bear just like the one she had wanted. In the stocking that Sarah had insisted they put up, despite Mrs. Newton’s explanation that there would be no presents, was candy, an orange, and a note. The note said, To Sarah with love, Santa. Sarah ran to her mother, and handed her the note.

“See!” She declared, “I told you there was a Santa Claus, and he always comes!”

Mrs. Newton read the note and began to weep. Where had these blessings come from?

“I don’t know who did this for us, honey. But I’m so thankful you got your toys.”

“Merry Christmas, Mommy. I love you.” Sarah said, as she wrapped her arm around her mother’s neck.

They never discovered who left those presents that Christmas morning. Was it a jolly old man in a red suit? Probably not, but someone did. Someone very special. Through the years Sarah looked back on that Christmas and was filled with hope. Eventually that hope led her to open her heart to the promise of everlasting life that trusting in Jesus as your savior provides. When Sarah was growing up she didn’t know about the true meaning of Christmas. To her, Christmas was about Santa Claus and presents, but God used her belief in Santa to lead her to His Son!


Merry Christmas! ~Savy and Ally







The Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 12

Hello everyone! Here is the very last part of our story! ~Savy and Ally


Part 12: Normal, Eccentric People

5 years later


“I’m home, Mom!” Ten-year-old Ava cried, as she barged through the front door and threw her books on the entryway table.

“In the kitchen!” Emily called from the other room. Ava walked into the kitchen, and went straight for the refrigerator, where she grabbed an apple.

“How was school, honey?” Emily questioned, as she cut carrots to put in that night’s dinner.

“Fine. What are you making?” Asked Ava, as she sniffed at the pot on the stove.

“Stew. Uncle Sam and Aunt Zoey are coming over for dinner.” Emily dumped a plate of chopped carrots into the stew.

“Where’s Dad?” Ava wanted to know.

“He’s in the backyard with Ben.” Ava gave Emily a quick hug, and skipped towards the back door. Emily watched her little family through the kitchen window. Ava chattered to Nathaniel, as she swung on the swing. Three-year-old Ben was stuffing leaves into his mouth, as he toddled around the yard. Emily cringed, hopefully those wouldn’t make him sick later. Emily reflected on the past five years. She had married Nathaniel four years ago, and Sam had married Zoey six months after the arrest. They had a daughter that was Ben’s age, and a one-year-old son named Danny. She had just recently seen on the news that the professor had been found guilty of the other two murders. It was amazing really, how well they had all recovered from the murders. Just then the doorbell rang, breaking her reverie.


They sat around the dinner table, joking and teasing like normal people. No one would ever have guessed that five years earlier they had all gone through a traumatizing, life changing experience.

“Come on, Maddie. Open your mouth and take bite. Please!” Sam begged, while trying to get his three-year-old daughter to eat a bite of green beans. She shook her head vehemently. “The green beans are good for you, they’ll make you grow big.” He tried to reason with her. Emily chuckled.

“Good to know you’ve become better at recognizing the proper food to give kids, Sam. Remember the time you gave Ava cake and cheetos for dinner?”

Sam made a face, “Yeah, I remember.”

“Did you really do that, Sam?” Zoey asked incredulously. He nodded, and Nate laughed.

“Even I know better than to give a little kid cake and cheetos for dinner. The worst I’ve ever done is ice cream for lunch, at least that has calcium.”

“The cake had some fiber in it, I’m sure.”  Sam argued, as if that somehow made it better. The whole table had a good laugh over this, at Sam’s expense. “Hey, at least I had the guts to actually ask my wife out on our first date! Unlike someone else I know!”

“He didn’t have to, it was a blind date!” Emily defended Nathaniel.

“Except that you knew who you were going out with, Em.” Sam pointed out.

“It’s not like I would ever guess in a million years that you would set me up with your best friend!” Emily said sarcastically.

“Actually, I’m not the one who set you up with Nate.”

Emily gave him a quizzical look, “What do you mean?”

“Ask Nathaniel.” Sam said, pointing to his friend.


“Well… I kind of… what I mean is…”

“He paid me to set you two up on a blind date.” Sam interrupted.

“Sam! I can’t believe you charged your best friend to set him up with your sister!” Zoey admonished.

“It’s not my fault he’s such a sucker! He was willing to pay, and I was willing to take the money. It was a fair deal.”

“How much did you pay?” Emily asked.

At this point Nathaniel’s face was turning bright red with guilt and cowardliness, “Uh, $50.00.”

“Well, at least now I know I’m worth $50.00 to you.” Emily chuckled.

Sam snorted, “Yeah, that was before he had to live with you everyday. Now he knows what you’re really worth!” Zoey gave him a playful slap, and the rest of the evening was filled with joking and laughing.


    That evening, after Zoey and Sam’s family had gone home, Nate tucked the kids into bed, while Emily enjoyed a cup of tea in the kitchen. She had brought her photo album with her, and decided to look at the pictures. She smiled when she saw the first photo was of her and Ross’s wedding day. Her dress was terribly outdated today, and her hair was in a bad perm, but she looked young and radiant. She was smiling at Ross in the picture. She flipped through a few more pages of wedding pictures, but paused when she reached a picture of Ross holding Ava. Ava was only a few hours old, and was sound asleep. She was snuggled in Ross’s hands, red and tiny. Emily smiled, and turned the page. What she saw made her laugh, it was a picture of Ava on her first birthday. She was happily dumping her birthday cake on her head. There were several baby pictures of Ava; Ava taking her first steps, Ava riding piggyback on Ross’s shoulder, and Ava splashing in the kiddy pool. Emily reached a photograph of a coffin with a bouquet of roses on it, and almost cried. It was Ross’s coffin. She turned the page quickly, and saw that the next photograph was of her and Zoey. They were making funny faces at the camera. The pic had been taken a few weeks after Zoey had been kidnapped, and her face was still pretty bruised in the photo. Emily took a deep breath, and a tear slid down her cheek. That had been such a difficult time, one she didn’t wish to relive. The next picture was taken at Zoey and Sam’s wedding, they were cutting the cake and laughing. They looked so happy, none of the strain of the past year showed on their faces. Emily turned the page, and saw a photograph of her and Nathaniel’s wedding.  They were standing in front of the church, and Ava was with them. Emily smiled, it had been such a pretty wedding. In the next pic, they were all sitting on a hospital bed. They were focused on one-day-old Ben; Emily looked exhausted, Nate seemed deliriously happy, and Ava appeared to be the proud older sister that she was. Emily skipped to the back of the album, and saw the most recent picture. It had been taken just a month earlier, and was a photo of their family, with Sam and Zoey’s clan. Emily stared at the last picture and sighed with contentment. Life was good.

The End

Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 11

Hello everyone! Here’s part 11 of our story! Enjoy!!! ~Savy and Ally


Part 11: The Rescue


When Emily got back to the car, she called Nathaniel. She told him everything that had happened, and where to find them.

“Okay, I’ll be there in five minutes. Wait for me at the car.” She agreed, and they said good-bye. She waited anxiously for the next five minutes, before he finally got there. He came with what appeared to be the entire police force.

“Where are they, Em?” He asked, and she led them to the guest house. There was a loud crash inside, and the sound of a gun shots. “Alright, Emily, you need to go back, and wait at the car. Thanks for showing us where to find them.”

“I’m not leaving!”

Nathaniel opened his mouth to argue, when suddenly a scream sounded from the house.


Nathaniel motioned to his men to surround the building, and saw that Sam was already stationed next to a window, watching everything that was going on inside. Emily followed closely behind and watched everything from hiding. Nate knocked heavily on the door, and called out, “Mr. Fitzwilliam and Mr. Wheaton, this is Sheriff Briggs! Open this door immediately!”

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here!” The Professor screamed out, quoting Shakespeare yet again. Nate shook the door, but it would not open.

“We have the house surrounded! Open the door!”

“No!” Toby’s panicked voice screamed from inside. Nathaniel motioned to his men to come help him with the door. It took three men to break the door down. When the door fell, a shot rang out and one of the officers was hit in his right arm. He cried out in pain and clutched his arm, as Toby tried to break through a window and escape. Sam grabbed Toby as he scrambled out the window and dragged him back inside. Nathaniel nabbed the Professor and both men were disarmed. Emily peeked through the door and hurried in when she saw it was safe. She rushed towards Zoey when she saw her bruised and bleeding face. She untied her before embracing her in a tight hug. Zoey started sobbing and Emily and Sam helped her to the car. It was over, it was really and truly over.


The next evening, Nathaniel, Sam, Zoey, and Emily sat around a table drinking coffee and discussing the case. Zoey’s face was still bruised, but had been cleaned and stitched up.

“But why did they want to kill me, Nate?” Emily asked.

“Toby confessed everything. From what we learned, it looks like Toby Wheaton was responsible for the death of Sophie Cole, the woman Ross saw by the river. He then murdered Ross in attempt to cover up for his original crime. When he realized you hadn’t died in the accident, he knew he had to find you. He didn’t know how much you remembered about the accident or what Ross had told you about the woman at the river. Apparently, he’s been tracking you for the past three years. You can imagine his joy at discovering you worked for his estranged uncle, and was all to happy to repair that relationship.”

“What about the Professor?” Zoey wanted to know.

“The Professor met Toby when he came here looking for you. They became close friends, and Toby told the Professor about his plans to murder you. The Professor has been insane for years. Eight years ago, a girl from one of his classes was found dead in her home. Foul play was suspected, but no one was ever able to prove it. Six years before that, another one of his students was murdered on her way home for work, but once again no suspects were caught. The police are re-opening both cases.” Nate took a sip of his coffee.

“Wait a minute! You said that Toby was responsible for the car chase, but how can that be? The night he chased me, I was coming home from his uncle’s party. I had seen him ten minutes before I was almost ran off the road.” Emily was becoming very confused.

“He left right after you did, and followed you at a good distance, until he felt it was safe to run you off the road. His truck was parked in the garage so you wouldn’t see it. And that wasn’t the only time he tried to murder you that night.” He told her calmly.

“It wasn’t? But when did he…” Her voice faded away, as she tried to think back to the party.

“No, in fact the entire party was planned so he could have an opportunity to poison you.”

“Poison me?!” She screeched.

“Yeah, but he never really had the opportunity to poison you without poisoning the other guests. That is, until you complained of a headache.” Suddenly, it dawned on Emily.

“He offered me medicine.” She remembered.

“Exactly.”  Nate nodded.

“But what about the threats?” Sam asked. “Who broke into the house?”

“The Professor, as far as we can tell. At least, that’s what Toby is claiming, and he’s admitted everything else so far. The Professor himself, isn’t admitting to anything.”

“We were all so wrong about him.” Zoey commented.

“Yeah.” Nate agreed. “He is insane, but in a very sick and twisted way. He’s an evil genius in some ways. We never would have discovered it was him if he had been nearly as careful covering his tracks as he was when he murdered those two college students.” They were all silent for a few moments, lost in thought. Finally, Emily spoke,

“Now what?”

“Now we go back to living our normal lives, a life without fear.” Sam said. Zoey gave a humorless laugh.

“Normal life? Is that even possible after you’ve gone through something like this? People were murdered, I was kidnapped, and Emily lived in constant fear for weeks. Nothing will ever be like it was again. I don’t think it’s even possible.”

“Only by the grace of God.” Nathaniel said quietly, and there was a soft murmur of agreement from everyone at the table.


The Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 10

Hello minions! Here is part 10 of our story! O Proud Death! ~Savy and Ally

Part 10: O Proud Death!

“Emily, are you sure?” Sam asked from the other end of the line.

“Yes, Sam we have to go to his house! It’s the same handwriting. I’m positive! He has her, I’m sure of it.” Emily was near panic.

“Alright, I’ll track down his address, and we can drive out to his house. If she’s there we’ll tell the police.” He answered.

“Please, hurry. Who know’s what he’ll do to her?” She pleaded.

“I will, Emily. Trust me, I’m worried too.” Emily could hear his concern.

“Alright, I just dropped off Ava at the daycare. I’ll be there in ten minutes to pick you up. Please, have the address by then!” Her tone was urgent.

“I will, I promise.”

“See you then.” She hung up, and started her car. She had to find Zoey, and soon. The clock was ticking.


Emily honked her horn, and waited for Sam to come out of the police station. Within a few moments he was hurrying towards the car. Emily unlocked the doors, and he slid into the passenger seat.

“Did you find it?” She asked.

“Yeah, here it is.” He handed her a piece of paper. Professor Henry Fitzwilliam, 69796 Rosewood Ave.

“It’s just so shocking.” She murmured, as she stared at the name and address. “He seemed like such nice, older gentleman.”

“Yeah.” Sam agreed, as he typed the address into his GPS. “A real wolf in sheeps clothing.” Emily nodded in agreement.

“Alright, it’s programmed into the GPS. Let’s roll.” Sam said, and Emily pulled out of the parking lot, as the GPS gave her the first of the directions.


They parked a little ways from the long driveway, that led up to the Professor’s house. It was more like a mansion, really. It was a giant victorian style home, with large bay windows, chipped grey paint, a widow’s walk, and a chandelier they could see through the front window. The house was surrounded by several acres of rose bushes and trees. The grounds had an almost spooky feel to them. They snuck quietly around to the back of the house, and peeked through the kitchen window. The house appeared empty. They went around the house, looking through all of the windows for any sign of life.

“They could be upstairs.” Emily whispered to Sam.

“Maybe.” He answered. “But how can we know for sure?” He looked for a way to get into the house without being discovered. The found the bathroom window was unlocked. Sam climbed through the window first, then helped Emily climb into the small powder room.  Sam drew a revolver out of his waistband. He motioned to Emily to follow closely behind him. She did as he instructed. He opened the door a crack, and took a peek into the hallway.

“Coast is clear.” He told her in a hushed voice. “Stay behind me, and be very quiet.” They crept down the hallway, and checked the entire downstairs for life. It was empty. Then they tiptoed up the stairs, they were halfway up when the stair under Sam creaked. They froze, and waited. Nothing happened, so they continued their trek up the tall staircase. When they reached the second floor, they searched all of the bedrooms, but there was still no sign of Zoey.

“Only the attic is left.” Sam muttered. Emily gulped and nodded. They quietly made their way up the steep, creaky stairs to the attic. When they reached the top of the stairs, something swooped down towards them, and nearly hit Emily in the head. She almost screamed, but she put her hand over her mouth to stifle the noise. It was a bat, just a bat. Even though they carried rabies and bit people, that was no reason to panic. She drew in a shaky breath. The attic appeared to be empty, with only large pieces of furniture covered with sheets. A large black spider scurried across Emily’s foot, and she did scream. Sam clamped his hand over her mouth mid-scream. They waited, nothing happened. Sam breathed a sigh of relief.

“Sam, we have to leave. I can’t stand it up here, and she’s not here. We’ve checked all over the place.” Emily’s voice quavered.

“Maybe you’re right.” He agreed. “But where is she?” He ran a hand through his hair, and stalked over to the window, frustrated.

“I don’t know, Sam.” She was very near tears.

“Emily, come here!” He exclaimed. She joined him by the window.

“What is it?” She didn’t see what he found so interesting.

“Look, over there.” He pointed to small clearing on the Professor’s property, it appeared to have a small house sitting on it. “It’s a guest house. We need to check it out. Come on!” They hurried down the stairs, and out of the house as silently as possible. Emily followed Sam to where he had seen the mini house. They crawled towards the house, and Sam glanced through a window. He saw Zoey and the Professor arguing.

“She’s in there.” He told Emily, and they hid under the window and listened.

“You insolent girl! As Shakespeare says, ‘O proud death, what feast is toward in thine eternal cell, that thou so many princes at a shot so bloodily hast, struck?”’ They heard the Professor quote, and the sound of a slap ensued. Emily winced, he was hurting Zoey. She felt Sam cringe beside her as well. Another man’s voice sounded from the building, but they couldn’t tell who it was or what he was saying.

“There’s someone else in there.” Sam pointed out the obvious.

“I know that voice!” said Emily.

“I’ve never heard that voice before.” Sam said quietly. The two men sounded like they were arguing.

“What’s the point of this? We need to get Emily, not Zoey.” The other man yelled. Suddenly, Emily recognized the voice. It was Toby.

“Sam! That’s my boss’s nephew, Toby!” She told him in hushed whisper. The Professor screamed at Zoey again, and then slapped her, this time she moaned.

“Emily, I have to get in there, and get her out, before he does serious damage to her face. I need you to go back to the car, call Nathaniel to tell him that we found Zoey, and give him the address. Then wait for him at the car. When he get’s here you’ll need to lead him to the guest house. Can you do that?” She nodded, and hugged him good-bye.

“Be safe.” She told him, before slinking back to the car.


The Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 9

Happy Thanksgiving a day late! Here is the ninth part of our story! ~Savy and Ally


Part 9: The Kidnapping

The next day, Emily was at work clearing off tables, and wiping them down, when she came across a receipt with a tip. It was at a corner table that no one ever sat at, because it was dark and loud over there. Emily looked at the tip, it was $30.00! She couldn’t remember the last time she had gotten a tip that hefty! They were a coffee shop, after all. She looked at the receipt, and realized that it had a note scrawled across it. Emily: I’ve got Zoey, you’re next. She dropped the receipt on the floor, and jumped back, as if it was a snake that might bite her. He had Zoey. But why? Why would he take Zoey? Zoey didn’t know anything about the man at the river or the car chases. She had to figure out who was doing this. She tried to remember who had sat at that table. Funny, she couldn’t remember anyone, and she had been the only waitress working today. She thought back to who had entered the shop. Only the regulars had come in today; plump Mrs. Humperdink, the cooky Professor, Joe the Gardner, reliable Nathaniel, shrewd Ethel, and the very french Moussier Beaulieu. None of them would do something like this. They were all her friends. Did someone come in while she wasn’t watching and leave the note? It was odd, but she thought the handwriting looked familiar. How could that be? The note on the car had been typed, the one in the kitchen had been carved into the table, and the other had been written with sticks in the dirt. She had to call the police, but first she needed to call Zoey to see if she was really in trouble. She took her cell out of her purse, and dialed her number. Her call got forwarded to the messaging machine.

“Hi Zoey, this is Emily. Call me when you get this message, I need to know you’re okay. Thanks, bye.” She hung up, and nearly panicked. She went into the kitchen to tell her boss she was done for the day, and nearly ran to her car.


Emily pulled into Zoey’s driveway, but it didn’t look like she was home. She walked to the front door, and rang the doorbell. She waited for a few moments, and then went around to the back door. Emily flipped the mat over, and drew out a key. She unlocked the door, and stepped into the kitchen. That’s when she noticed the window. It was shattered into a thousand pieces.

“Hello? Is anyone home? Zoey? Are you here?” She peeked into the living room, but Zoey wasn’t there. She went back into the kitchen and noticed a cup of coffee spilled on the dining room table. Zoey wouldn’t have left the mess without cleaning it up. She went into the bedroom, but it was empty. A feeling of fear settled deep in Emily’s stomach. She drew her phone out of her pocket, and called the police. Officer Ryan Connor answered the phone.

“This is Emily Stetson, I’d like to report a missing person. My friend Zoey Stacy disappeared this afternoon, and her house looks like it’s been broken into.” There was a pause while Ryan gave her instructions on the proper procedure.

“Yeah, I can come down to the station. I’ll be there in ten minutes.” She hung up, and went back out to her car. As she drove to the police station, she realized she had forgotten to take off her apron, in her rush to check on Zoey. When she arrived at the station, she took her apron off, and went inside.


That evening, Emily walked wearily up to her front door, her purse and apron flopped over her arm. She unlocked the front door, and entered the house. She needed a cup of tea. She turned on the kitchen light, and tossed her apron over the chair. A pile of papers fell out of the pocket. She realized it was pile of receipts that people had left on the tables at work. She began picking them up, when one receipt caught her eye. Emily looked at it carefully, and recognized the handwriting on the paper. It was the same handwriting as the note. In a moment, she knew where to find Zoey. She grabbed her cell, and dialed Sam’s number.


The Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 8

Better a little late than never! Here is the eighth part of our story! ~Ally and Savy

Part 8: Sam’s an Idiot. Again.

Sam followed Roger out to a small cabin in the middle of the woods. He pulled his cell out of his pocket, and dialed Nathaniel’s number. Nate answered immediately.

“I hope you realize what an idiot you are.” He sounded more concerned than angry.

“I followed him out to a cabin in the woods, about two miles in. I left a trail, so you can follow me. It’s impossible to miss, it looks like a bulldozer plowed through the forest.”

“I’ll be there in a half hour, don’t do anything stupid in the meantime.” Sam sat near the cabin’s only window for the next half hour just watching Roger, and studying the cabin. The cabin was small, only one room. It held a small kitchen, a table, two chairs, a cot, and Sam’s laptop. It was the perfect hideout, if he hadn’t had anyone to follow he never would have found it. Roger was warming something up in the microwave, and didn’t look like he was going to leave anytime soon. Sam felt a tap on his shoulder, and nearly jumped. He turned around, Nate was sitting quietly behind him.

“That was fast.” Sam whispered.

“You were right, your trail did look like a bulldozer had gone through the woods.” Sam nodded in agreement. “Is he still in there?” Nate asked.

“Yes, he’s making food. My laptop is in there.” Sam told him. Nate didn’t look surprised. He motioned to a group of officers, that Sam now noticed were hidden in the brush.

“Sam, I want you to leave. This is going to be very dangerous, and you’re off duty. Go back to your car, and wait with Emily. We’ll let you know how it goes.”

“But…” Nathaniel held up his hand, and stopped Sam’s argument.

“No, you’ll only get in the way. You need to go.” Nate gave Sam a gentle shove towards the car.

“Fine.” Sam mumbled quietly, as he crept back to the car.


Later that evening, Nathaniel called to give Sam an update. When the call ended Sam looked very serious. Emily was in the kitchen making dinner, when Sam called her into the living room.

“I’m in the middle of making dinner, Sam. This better be- What’s wrong? Didn’t they arrest him?”

“They got him.” He answered.

“Then what’s the problem? We’re safe now. No more crazy murder threats.”

“He’s not the guy who’s been threatening you, Em.” Emily looked shocked.

“But if he wasn’t the one leaving the notes, then why was he on our porch?”

“I left my laptop out there, it was an easy theft.” Emily looked like she might cry.

“How do they know he isn’t the one who’s been leaving the threats?”

“He has good, strong alibis. He was still in prison when the first threat was left on your car, and at work or with friends the other times.” He answered gravely.

“So someone is still trying to kill me? I can’t live with this fear anymore, Sam.” Sam nodded. She began to weep, and Sam patted her shoulder.

“Why is Mommy crying?” Ava asked, as she skipped into the room. “Is she sad Princess died?” She crawled onto Emily’s lap, and patted her wet cheeks. Emily hugged the little girl. This had been a really rough month.


The Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 7

Hello everybody! Here is part seven of our story! Enjoy! ~Savy and Ally

Part 7: The Prank

The next morning was a weekday, so Emily needed to open the coffee shop.  At precisely 8:05 a.m. the professor came in, and walked to his booth.  She brought a large cup of black coffee to him.

“Good morning, professor! How are you this morning?” She used her most pleasant voice.

“Excellent, absolutely excellent, my dear. As Shakespeare once said, “The golden age is before us, not behind us.”’ He replied. Emily smiled, she had become used to his rather random quoting of Shakespeare.

“I’m glad you are doing well.”

“And you? How are you, my dear?” He asked good-naturedly.

“I’m alright.”

“Just alright?” He quirked a brow.

“My house was broken into a few nights ago.”

“Oh, dear! This has been an unfortunate month for you, hasn’t it? You have my greatest sympathies, my dear.” He looked truly heartbroken.

“Thank you, professor. I need to get back to the other customers now.”

“Your welcome, my dear. I hope things get better for you.” He patted her hand, and she gave him a grateful smile.


Later that day, Emily was washing some mugs in the kitchen when Toby came in.

“Hiya!” He greeted her.

“Hello. What are you doing back here?” She asked.

“I just came to tell you how funny I thought your prank was!”

“Prank?” She was genuinely confused.

“Yeah, you know the gift card prank.” He began to chuckle.

“Toby, I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You don’t?”

“No, I don’t. Will you please explain to me?”

“You didn’t know that the gift card you bought my uncle only had $5.00 on it, rather than $30.00? Man, you should have seen the look on his face! It was hilarious! He was so mad, I thought he was going to call you up and fire you right on the spot! My uncle doesn’t like to be humiliated in public.” Emily paled, and then turned bright red with embarrassment.

“The gift card only had $5.00 on it?” Emily’s cheeks burned with embarrassment.

“Yeah.” He was still snickering.

“How long ago was this?” She asked.

“Two evenings ago.” Two days, that had been plenty of time to fire her. Still, she should apologize.

“Thanks, for letting me know, Toby.”

“You’re welcome.” He walked away, still chuckling to himself. Emily took her cell out of her pocket. She needed to call her boss.


Emily and Sam were running some errands together on her day off, and Ava was at Zoey’s house. They were chatting about everyday things, when Emily remembered the gift card.

“Hey Sam, did you take a Golden Goblet gift card out of my purse?”

“Yeah, I went there for Nate’s birthday a few months ago, and decided to use it to buy dinner. But don’t worry, I put it back.”

“Why were you going through my purse?” She asked in an accusatory tone.

“I was looking for your cell phone, mine was dead.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you used the gift card?” She was becoming very frustrated.

“I forgot. Besides, why does it matter? You can’t stand the taste or smell of seafood.”

“I gave that gift card to my boss for his birthday!” She blurted out, and Sam began to laugh.

“You gave that card to him? It only had $5.00 left on it! I would have liked to see his face when he got to the restaurant!” Emily blushed.

“Well, I didn’t know-”

“Emily!” He interrupted her with a shout.

“What?” She asked, as he turned the car sharply to the left.

“That guy, walking over there, look!” He pointed to a guy walking on a trail, heading towards the woods.

“What about him?”

“That’s the guy that stole my laptop!” He answered, following the man at a distance in the car.

“Are you sure?” She asked doubtfully.

“Positive. Call Nate and tell him I’m following the guy, and tell him to stay on the line for updates.” He turned right, the direction the man was walking. Emily took her cell out of her purse.

“Hi Nate, this is Emily. Sam and I just saw Roger Walters, and we’re following him. Sam wants you to stay on the line for updates. What?” She paused and listened to him for a few seconds. “He’s sending a patrol car out this way.” She said, turning to Sam.

“Great! Can you put him on speaker-phone, so I can talk to him?”

“Sure. Hey Nate, I’m going to put you on speaker-phone, so Sam can talk to you.” She put him on speaker-phone.

“Sam?” He asked from the other end.

“I’m here.”

“Where is he exactly?”

“He’s on the trail near the woods, I think he’s heading towards the forest.” He gave him the street name.

“Alright, I’m sending Ryan out there. I’ve got a few things I need to wrap up here, but I’ll come as soon as I can. Just don’t try to follow him into the woods by yourself, he’s very dangerous.” His voice held a warning tone.

“I have to follow him or lose him.”

“It’s not safe, Sam. He’s probably armed.”

“I’ve got to go, he’s heading into the woods. I’m handing the phone over to Emily. I have my phone, and will call you if I have any problems.” He handed Emily her phone, and hopped out of the car, before Emily or Nathaniel could protest.