Sentence Story

This is a story everyone wrote together at the party that Savy and I went to on Friday!

Elias Arwell

Enjoy this story, written one sentence at a time by 17 different people! 🙂

Once upon a time there lived a strange niño named David. Hannah Allison

This boy once went on a trip to a foreign land. Maddie Lamken

Where, even there, he never understood what a land whale was. Megan Merydith

And he had seven years to live. Jason Walthinsen

This is the story of how he died. But don’t worry, it really is a very fun story. Allyson Swales (quote from Tangled©)

He was running through the forest one day, when he fell down a dark and creepy hole filled with bats. Savana Walthinsen

The bat life is to pick up people and drop them on a cliff. They did this to him. Leena Swales

As that happened Superman showed up to stop Batman, and the fight began. Trevor Allison

Superman beat Batman. Ethan Allison


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