Just a Quiet, Innocent Game Night

Hi everyone! I promise to write something soon, but until then here is a blog post about a party I went to. It was written by our pastor’s son and is about our devotional.

Elias Arwell

Sometimes, things don’t go the way we plan. We can choose to complain and be upset, or we can laugh and keep it as an unforgettable memory. Such was my party…

The guests began arriving at 4 p.m., and trickled in until 4:15 or so. During the period of time in between, we split up into two teams for a game of my own invention (thus, it doesn’t have a title as of yet). To describe it in a nutshell, it’s a mixture of a treasure hunt and scavenger hunt, with money and cheating involved. Sound interesting? I’d love to hear the thoughts and suggestions of those who came so I know how to improve it. Feel free to comment below.

Anyway, this game ended at 6:07(ish). And of course, a party without pizza is a lame party, so we had Costco pizza for dinner. During the conversations and fellowship…

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