How Much Do You Know About Harry Potter? Quiz


Hello muggles! The other day my friend Megan and I, like the Potterheads we are, decided to put together this quiz to test your knowledge of the Harry Potter series. It is a series of 12 multiple choice questions and you will be awarded a certain number of house-points based on your score. Good luck!

1. Why did Luna wear yellow robes to Bill and Fleur’s wedding?

a. Because yellow is her favorite color.

b. Because it is proper to wear sun-colors to a wedding.

c. Because her father wanted her to.

d. Because crumple-horned snorcacks like yellow.

2. What would Dumbledore see if he looked into the Mirror of Erised?

a. His sister.

b. Himself wearing thick woolen socks.

c. Himself as Minister of Magic.

d. An unlimited supply of raspberry jam.

3. Under what circumstances did Hagrid have to rescue Fang from the burning house?

a. When Hagrid fought off the Death Eaters in Book 7.

b. When Ginny killed his chickens in Book 2.

c. When Umbridge comes to kick him out of Hogwarts in Book 5.

d. When Harry and Hermione save Buckbeak in Book 3.

4. Where and to whom did Professor Trelawney give the two parts of the prophesy?

a. In Honeydukes to Snape, and then in Zonkos again to Snape.

b. In Hagrid’s hut to Fang, and then in the forest to a thestral.

c. In Snape’s office to McGonagall, and then at 12 Grimmald Place to Lupin.

d. In the Hog’s Head to Dumbledore, and then in the classroom to Harry.

5. Which of these spells was not invented by the Half-Blood Prince?

a. Sectumsempra

b. Conjunctivitus

c. Levicorpus

d. Muffliato 

6. What are Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s fears in that order?

a. Hippogriffs, Butterflies, and falling off a broomstick.

b. Thestrals, Blast-Ended Screwts, and the loss of books.

c. Dementors, Spiders, and Failing.

d. Boggarts, Flobberworms, and Winning.

7. What did Ron eat first in replacement for his corned-beef sandwiches?

a. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

b. Chocolate Frogs

c. Pumpkin Pasties

d. Cockroach Clusters

8. What are Crabbe and Goyle’s first names?

a. Vincent and Gregory.

b. Malcolm and Adam

c. Bertham and Taylor

d. Grimsson and Barnes

9. What sensation did Fred and George say was “gripping the nation”?

a. Religion

b. Constipation

c. Biology

d. Pollination

10. What does Mr. Weasley call the telephone?

a. Dinglehopper

b. Cellyphone

c. Ear Trumpet

d. Fellytone

11. What did Kreacher plan to make Harry, Ron, and Hermione for lunch after they infiltrated the Ministry of Magic?

a. Steak and Kidney Pie

b. Nachos

c. Treacle Tart and Pumpkin Juice

d. Onion Soup

12. What were Dumbledore’s last words to Harry before he died?

a. “You have your mother’s eyes.”

b. “Stay where you are.”

c. “You swore to obey me Harry- go!”

d. “Snape has not betrayed me.”

Answer Key: 1. c,  2. b,  3. a,  4. d,  5. b,  6. c,  7. c,  8. a,  9. b  10. d,  11. a  12. c

If you answered 1-3 questions correctly: You receive 5 house-points, and you may have read one of these books before.

If you answered 4-6 questions correctly: You receive 15 house-points, and you have probably read a few of these books.

If you answered 7-9 questions correctly: You receive 30 house-points, and I am certain you have read the whole series.

If you answered 10-12 questions correctly: You receive 50 house-points, and seriously, you need to do something with your life other than read the Harry Potter books!

– Savy


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