It’s Going to be a Good Morning!

Hello everyone! There are two kinds of people in the world: morning people and night people. I applaud all of you people who are able to go to bed at 8:30 and get up 5:30, that’s incredible. But that’s not me.

This is me in the morning:

Yep, it’s not a pretty sight.

This is me at 3:00 a.m.:

See the difference?

Alright, so I am a self-described night owl. Is there anything wrong with that? Of course not. Although, there are times when I wish that I was able to get up at 6:00 a.m., and have the energy to get through the day (without a nap). How do you know if your a night owl or an early bird?

You might be a night owl if…

1. If when your dad wakes you up Saturday morning with, “Rise and shine, Valentine!”  your first thought is: “Why, oh why, does he have to sound so happy in the morning?”

2. If you have ever had a teacher tell you that emailing your paper to them at 1:oo a.m., the morning after it was due, does NOT count as turning it in on time.

3.  If you have ever seen your neighbor leave his house in nothing but boxers at 4:00 a.m. (That’s a true story, by the way.)

(I have chosen not to include a picture of that.)

4. If your younger sister tells people that you are as nocturnal as a raccoon. Which is not a flattering comparison.


5. You’re never fully functioning until you’ve had a highly caffeinated drink.


6. If you have ever considered taking a hammer to your alarm clock or little brother, or both.


7. If this is you:

Alright, so now you know what it takes to be a night owl, but how about a morning person? Are you one of those people who wakes up in the morning bursting with energy? Perhaps.


You might be a morning person if…

1. You’re always on time.

2. You feel happy before noon everyday.


3. If you exercise.


4. If you’re the first person to fall asleep at sleepovers.


5. If you’re tired before midnight.

6. If this is you in the morning:


Now you know whether your a morning person or a night person. Unfortunately, most night owls have to get up in the morning, whether we want to or not.

If this is you, here are some songs to make rising early in the morning a little easier for you! (If you are reading this on your email, the YouTube videos will probably not appear.)


1. The Cartoon Song by Chris Rice


2. The Breakfast Song by Newsboys


3. Good Morning by Mandisa


4. Smellin’ Coffee by Chris Rice


5. You’re My God by Jaci Velasquez


3 thoughts on “It’s Going to be a Good Morning!

  1. Hi Starlight (Sunshine is for early risers), Welcome to my world. I try hard to wake up saying “Good morning God!” but unfortunately I feel like “Oh gawd, it’s morning.” Oh well, some of us just aren’t early risers! xxx Grama B

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