PBD Disorder: Do You Suffer From It?

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share with you on a virtually unknown, yet quite serious disorder: Post Book Depression Disorder. While I may have made up the name, this is still a very real problem. It is caused when an avid reader finishes a fantastic book. Christmas has been over for almost a week now, which means I’m pretty much finished with the books I received for Christmas, and therefore PBD is starting to kick in. This is a disorder I have suffered from many times in the past, and am very familiar with, but how do you know if you have it? Here are some of the symptoms:


1. A deep feeling of melancholy that settles in during the last chapter

2. Daydreaming about a sequel

3. Frantically surfing through the books on the online library or Kindle store

4. The desperate urge to go to the library no matter what you are doing

5. Missing fictional characters as if they were your best friend

6. The desire to scream, “Nooooooooooooooooo, it’s over!!!!!!!!!!!”


If you have ever experienced any of these symptoms then you know you’ve got Post Book Depression Disorder. Unfortunately, there is no real cure for it, except to find another good book to read. Although at some point that book must come to an end as well. Isn’t it horrid that every book must have a finish? “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” ~C.S. Lewis






2 thoughts on “PBD Disorder: Do You Suffer From It?

  1. Dear Ally, At least you can spend a never-ending time sharing countless ideas on your blog!!! Thanks, Savy’s Grammy

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