Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 11

Hello everyone! Here’s part 11 of our story! Enjoy!!! ~Savy and Ally


Part 11: The Rescue


When Emily got back to the car, she called Nathaniel. She told him everything that had happened, and where to find them.

“Okay, I’ll be there in five minutes. Wait for me at the car.” She agreed, and they said good-bye. She waited anxiously for the next five minutes, before he finally got there. He came with what appeared to be the entire police force.

“Where are they, Em?” He asked, and she led them to the guest house. There was a loud crash inside, and the sound of a gun shots. “Alright, Emily, you need to go back, and wait at the car. Thanks for showing us where to find them.”

“I’m not leaving!”

Nathaniel opened his mouth to argue, when suddenly a scream sounded from the house.


Nathaniel motioned to his men to surround the building, and saw that Sam was already stationed next to a window, watching everything that was going on inside. Emily followed closely behind and watched everything from hiding. Nate knocked heavily on the door, and called out, “Mr. Fitzwilliam and Mr. Wheaton, this is Sheriff Briggs! Open this door immediately!”

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here!” The Professor screamed out, quoting Shakespeare yet again. Nate shook the door, but it would not open.

“We have the house surrounded! Open the door!”

“No!” Toby’s panicked voice screamed from inside. Nathaniel motioned to his men to come help him with the door. It took three men to break the door down. When the door fell, a shot rang out and one of the officers was hit in his right arm. He cried out in pain and clutched his arm, as Toby tried to break through a window and escape. Sam grabbed Toby as he scrambled out the window and dragged him back inside. Nathaniel nabbed the Professor and both men were disarmed. Emily peeked through the door and hurried in when she saw it was safe. She rushed towards Zoey when she saw her bruised and bleeding face. She untied her before embracing her in a tight hug. Zoey started sobbing and Emily and Sam helped her to the car. It was over, it was really and truly over.


The next evening, Nathaniel, Sam, Zoey, and Emily sat around a table drinking coffee and discussing the case. Zoey’s face was still bruised, but had been cleaned and stitched up.

“But why did they want to kill me, Nate?” Emily asked.

“Toby confessed everything. From what we learned, it looks like Toby Wheaton was responsible for the death of Sophie Cole, the woman Ross saw by the river. He then murdered Ross in attempt to cover up for his original crime. When he realized you hadn’t died in the accident, he knew he had to find you. He didn’t know how much you remembered about the accident or what Ross had told you about the woman at the river. Apparently, he’s been tracking you for the past three years. You can imagine his joy at discovering you worked for his estranged uncle, and was all to happy to repair that relationship.”

“What about the Professor?” Zoey wanted to know.

“The Professor met Toby when he came here looking for you. They became close friends, and Toby told the Professor about his plans to murder you. The Professor has been insane for years. Eight years ago, a girl from one of his classes was found dead in her home. Foul play was suspected, but no one was ever able to prove it. Six years before that, another one of his students was murdered on her way home for work, but once again no suspects were caught. The police are re-opening both cases.” Nate took a sip of his coffee.

“Wait a minute! You said that Toby was responsible for the car chase, but how can that be? The night he chased me, I was coming home from his uncle’s party. I had seen him ten minutes before I was almost ran off the road.” Emily was becoming very confused.

“He left right after you did, and followed you at a good distance, until he felt it was safe to run you off the road. His truck was parked in the garage so you wouldn’t see it. And that wasn’t the only time he tried to murder you that night.” He told her calmly.

“It wasn’t? But when did he…” Her voice faded away, as she tried to think back to the party.

“No, in fact the entire party was planned so he could have an opportunity to poison you.”

“Poison me?!” She screeched.

“Yeah, but he never really had the opportunity to poison you without poisoning the other guests. That is, until you complained of a headache.” Suddenly, it dawned on Emily.

“He offered me medicine.” She remembered.

“Exactly.”  Nate nodded.

“But what about the threats?” Sam asked. “Who broke into the house?”

“The Professor, as far as we can tell. At least, that’s what Toby is claiming, and he’s admitted everything else so far. The Professor himself, isn’t admitting to anything.”

“We were all so wrong about him.” Zoey commented.

“Yeah.” Nate agreed. “He is insane, but in a very sick and twisted way. He’s an evil genius in some ways. We never would have discovered it was him if he had been nearly as careful covering his tracks as he was when he murdered those two college students.” They were all silent for a few moments, lost in thought. Finally, Emily spoke,

“Now what?”

“Now we go back to living our normal lives, a life without fear.” Sam said. Zoey gave a humorless laugh.

“Normal life? Is that even possible after you’ve gone through something like this? People were murdered, I was kidnapped, and Emily lived in constant fear for weeks. Nothing will ever be like it was again. I don’t think it’s even possible.”

“Only by the grace of God.” Nathaniel said quietly, and there was a soft murmur of agreement from everyone at the table.



2 thoughts on “Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 11

  1. Hi, I was just wondering, why was Toby killing innocent people in the first place? The incident with Ross is understandable, but the woman at the river? Sorry, that thought was just floating around in my mind as I read.
    Your writing is awesome.

    • Good point! In the first part we explained that he was fighting with the woman. The assumption was that in a moment of anger he killed her, and then killed Ross later to cover it up. Thank you for your helpful comment!


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