Christmas Crafting

Day 8:

For today’s advent post I would like to share with you several holiday crafts I found on the internet.


We did this once for a church Christmas party! Here’s the link:


I love the bright colors they used for these trees! We’re doing this craft right now, and it’s turning out great!


You may not want to eat this candy cane, but it sure is cute!


I soooo want to do this!


These are so elegant and pretty!


Bottle cap snowmen!


Isn’t this an awesome idea!


Wouldn’t these make an adorable gift for a younger child?


I hope you have a blast crafting this holiday season! Make sure you let me know in the comments how your homemade Christmas crafts turn out! ~Ally




2 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting

  1. You are sooo clever in finding adorable crafts to make. I need my grandaughters to help me. I loved the cap snowmen. May try the scripture ornaments. Be fun to put in cards. xxx I know which Alexander likes, the gumdrop ornaments!

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