The Gift

Day 7

Hello World! Sorry this is a little late.

Who doesn’t love waking up on Christmas morning and opening all of the wonderful presents wrapped under the tree? That new iPhone, the glittery locket you have been eyeing in the store for the past couple weeks, a Star Wars Lego set that you have been saving up for, candy, books, movies, an Official-Red-Ryder-Carbine-Action-Two-Hundred-Shot-Range-Model-Air-Rifle. 😀  But somehow, after a month or two that amazing Lego set gets shoved in a corner. The locket gets put in a box and loses its shine. Soon enough, even that Red Ryder BB Gun gets propped on a shelf and is only collecting dust. These things get put in the back of our minds and we don’t really appreciate them anymore, or how much they cost. And most importantly we forget to thank those who gave these things selflessly to us.

Long ago, God created you. He planned the very second you would be born and how many hairs would be on your head. He didn’t need to, but He did. But then you became corrupt with sin, which separated you from Him. Did God need to do anything about it? No. You deserved death because you disobeyed. But God loved you. He loved you so much that He sent a part of himself to earth to die for you. Earth was a place where he would be born in a stable surrounded by cattle, a place where He would work Himself to exhaustion serving people. A place where He would be rejected and brutally murdered in the hope that you would accept Him and gain life. This was the greatest gift that only He could give you.

So the question is, do we really take the time each day and realize how much He has given to us? First, He gave us life, and second, He saved it. Sometimes that kind of gets put on the back shelf of our minds like the trinkets we get in our stockings, and we don’t fully appreciate what He has done for us. My challenge to you this Christmas, is to use your life to glorify the One who gave it to you. And also to take the time each day to thank God for the miraculous gift. Oh, didn’t you hear? Jesus is no longer dead! He is alive and loves it when you talk to Him. 🙂

– Savy



One thought on “The Gift

  1. Dear Savy, Oh, thank you – how beautiful to stop and consider all the Lord has done for us, and we thank Him for you, who put these most valuable thoughts into words and shared it with all who read. Bless you, thank you and have a wonderful day. Love, Grammy

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