Christmas Nail Art

Day 5! Hello! For all of you who like a little glam during the holidays, here are a couple nail tutorials I put together: Winter Slope French Manicure: photo 1  1.  photo 2  2. photo 3 3. photo 4 For this nail design I used a shimmery, white polish, a silver nail art polish pen, light blue glitter, and a top coat.  In Figure 1 I only used 1 coat of the white polish. Do not let this dry before applying the glitter, unless you are using a glitter polish. I used a damp cotton swab, and dabbed the glitter across the top of the nail like in a french manicure, and down to one side of the nail as shown in Figure 3. This does not have to be perfect. 4. photo 5    5. photo 1    6. photo 2                                                      I used a silver nail art polish to line the glitter, which covers any little mistakes you may have made with the glitter. You can also use a fine-tipped brush with regular silver or white nail polish to paint the line. Add a top coat and voila! It isn’t an overly complicated design to do, and it has a nice, elegant look to it. Violet Snowflake Manicure: Do you want to do your nails for Christmas, but only have pinks and purples to work with? Not a problem! This nail project is fun and festive, even without red and green. photo 3            1. photo 3                                         2.  photo 4  In this design I used a deep lavender color, and silver and white nail art polish pens. Paint a snowflake or two on your nail in white, once again, either using a nail art pen, or a fine brush. Mine likes to goop up on me, so it was a little smudgy. 3. photo 1                                          4. photo 2 After painting your snowflakes, you can use a pinhead to dab dots on the tips of the snowflakes. Believe me, pins are amazing tools for dotting your nails. I suggest that you only dot 3 or 4 of the tips of the snowflake for a more playful look. Then I used my silver polish to dot around the snowflake. Add a top coat and admire your work! If you don’t have the time to do all ten nails, then use it as a design for an accent nail. I hope you liked my designs, and that you will have fun playing around with them! – Savy


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