The Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 7

Hello everybody! Here is part seven of our story! Enjoy! ~Savy and Ally

Part 7: The Prank

The next morning was a weekday, so Emily needed to open the coffee shop.  At precisely 8:05 a.m. the professor came in, and walked to his booth.  She brought a large cup of black coffee to him.

“Good morning, professor! How are you this morning?” She used her most pleasant voice.

“Excellent, absolutely excellent, my dear. As Shakespeare once said, “The golden age is before us, not behind us.”’ He replied. Emily smiled, she had become used to his rather random quoting of Shakespeare.

“I’m glad you are doing well.”

“And you? How are you, my dear?” He asked good-naturedly.

“I’m alright.”

“Just alright?” He quirked a brow.

“My house was broken into a few nights ago.”

“Oh, dear! This has been an unfortunate month for you, hasn’t it? You have my greatest sympathies, my dear.” He looked truly heartbroken.

“Thank you, professor. I need to get back to the other customers now.”

“Your welcome, my dear. I hope things get better for you.” He patted her hand, and she gave him a grateful smile.


Later that day, Emily was washing some mugs in the kitchen when Toby came in.

“Hiya!” He greeted her.

“Hello. What are you doing back here?” She asked.

“I just came to tell you how funny I thought your prank was!”

“Prank?” She was genuinely confused.

“Yeah, you know the gift card prank.” He began to chuckle.

“Toby, I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You don’t?”

“No, I don’t. Will you please explain to me?”

“You didn’t know that the gift card you bought my uncle only had $5.00 on it, rather than $30.00? Man, you should have seen the look on his face! It was hilarious! He was so mad, I thought he was going to call you up and fire you right on the spot! My uncle doesn’t like to be humiliated in public.” Emily paled, and then turned bright red with embarrassment.

“The gift card only had $5.00 on it?” Emily’s cheeks burned with embarrassment.

“Yeah.” He was still snickering.

“How long ago was this?” She asked.

“Two evenings ago.” Two days, that had been plenty of time to fire her. Still, she should apologize.

“Thanks, for letting me know, Toby.”

“You’re welcome.” He walked away, still chuckling to himself. Emily took her cell out of her pocket. She needed to call her boss.


Emily and Sam were running some errands together on her day off, and Ava was at Zoey’s house. They were chatting about everyday things, when Emily remembered the gift card.

“Hey Sam, did you take a Golden Goblet gift card out of my purse?”

“Yeah, I went there for Nate’s birthday a few months ago, and decided to use it to buy dinner. But don’t worry, I put it back.”

“Why were you going through my purse?” She asked in an accusatory tone.

“I was looking for your cell phone, mine was dead.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you used the gift card?” She was becoming very frustrated.

“I forgot. Besides, why does it matter? You can’t stand the taste or smell of seafood.”

“I gave that gift card to my boss for his birthday!” She blurted out, and Sam began to laugh.

“You gave that card to him? It only had $5.00 left on it! I would have liked to see his face when he got to the restaurant!” Emily blushed.

“Well, I didn’t know-”

“Emily!” He interrupted her with a shout.

“What?” She asked, as he turned the car sharply to the left.

“That guy, walking over there, look!” He pointed to a guy walking on a trail, heading towards the woods.

“What about him?”

“That’s the guy that stole my laptop!” He answered, following the man at a distance in the car.

“Are you sure?” She asked doubtfully.

“Positive. Call Nate and tell him I’m following the guy, and tell him to stay on the line for updates.” He turned right, the direction the man was walking. Emily took her cell out of her purse.

“Hi Nate, this is Emily. Sam and I just saw Roger Walters, and we’re following him. Sam wants you to stay on the line for updates. What?” She paused and listened to him for a few seconds. “He’s sending a patrol car out this way.” She said, turning to Sam.

“Great! Can you put him on speaker-phone, so I can talk to him?”

“Sure. Hey Nate, I’m going to put you on speaker-phone, so Sam can talk to you.” She put him on speaker-phone.

“Sam?” He asked from the other end.

“I’m here.”

“Where is he exactly?”

“He’s on the trail near the woods, I think he’s heading towards the forest.” He gave him the street name.

“Alright, I’m sending Ryan out there. I’ve got a few things I need to wrap up here, but I’ll come as soon as I can. Just don’t try to follow him into the woods by yourself, he’s very dangerous.” His voice held a warning tone.

“I have to follow him or lose him.”

“It’s not safe, Sam. He’s probably armed.”

“I’ve got to go, he’s heading into the woods. I’m handing the phone over to Emily. I have my phone, and will call you if I have any problems.” He handed Emily her phone, and hopped out of the car, before Emily or Nathaniel could protest.




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