What comes to mind when you hear the word hero? Perhaps you think of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or Spider Man. You may also think of real life heroes, such as firefighters, police officers, or soldiers. There are many different types of heroes in the world, some obvious, some not so obvious.

Some heroes, like soldiers, leave all they’ve ever known, and risking everything for what they believe in.

There are biblical heroes, who encourage us and teach us.

Other heroes aren’t even real, but they inspire us anyway. (Yes, even Larryboy!)


But some of the most incredible heroes, are the every day people. We don’t even notice them, because they seem to be ordinary people. And they are, the difference is they’re ordinary people living their lives to serve an extraordinary God. I’d like to share the song Heroes by Casting Crowns with you today.


She’s on her own, two girls at home
Thirteen years just up and walked away
And left her all alone
With bills to pay and mouths to feed
And every day shes taking care of everybody elses needs

But shes finding her strength in the One love that wont ever leave her
So she works and she prays and she loves and she stays cause they need her

These are the heroes, just ordinary people
Laying down their lives like angels in disguise
They’re weak but always willing
They dare to do the hard things
And in the dark and desperate places no one else goes
You’ll find the heroes
You’ll find the heroes

He walks the halls, against the flow
He sees his high school as his mission field
He’s broken cause he knows
The hopeless road that they are taking
The empty feelings they are chasing only lead to futures wasted
So he’s willing to stand alone

He lives what he believes when they all say its not worth believing
Every night on his knees, he prays God, won’t You please help me reach them?

You may never know their names
But theyre moving mountains just the same
Instead of searching for the spotlight
They’ll follow Jesus into the darkest night

Heroes, these are the heroes

In the board room with a Bible
In the classroom praying for revival
In third world countries, in downtown missions

I hope you check out this incredible song! Who’s your hero? ~Ally







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