The Very Creativly Titled Story: Part 6

Hi everyone! I know I was supposed to post this yesterday, sorry for the delay! ~Savy and Ally

Part 6: The Funeral

The next morning dawned cold and rainy, as they buried Princess in the backyard. Ava sobbed uncontrollably, and Sam was barely holding back his own tears, while Emily performed the service.

“I have a few things I would like to say about our little friend here.” She began, pointing to the fresh mound of dirt. “Princess has been in the family for almost three years, and while she was a pest, she was an adorable pest. Even though she never learned proper house manners, we loved her, because of her sweet furry face. She was the cutest Yorkie a person could ask for, and we will miss her.” She stopped to blow her nose, and Sam hugged her.

“Thanks, sis. That was a great speech.” She smiled at him and Ava.

Ava had a bunch of wilting pansies that she had picked from the backyard. She placed them on the gravestone, an oblong rock with “Princess” written on it in chalk. Emily picked up her teary-eyed daughter and the small group of mourners made their way into the house.


    That night Ava slept in Emily’s room, and Sam kept a close watch almost all night. That was why he heard the small crash on the back porch around 1:30 am. He jumped out of the kitchen chair he had been dozing in, and ran to the door. He threw the door open and saw a man run across the yard with his laptop. How could he have been stupid enough to leave his laptop on the deck? He chased after the man, but the man lept into a small black car a sped away. Sam walked back to the house, feeling defeated. At least he had got a good look at the man, and could provide a description. When he got back to the house, Emily was in the kitchen waiting for him.

“I heard you open and slam the back door. What happened?”

“He stole my laptop, and got away. I did get a good look at him, though. I’m going to report it.” He dialed the number on his cell phone and waited.

“He stole your laptop? How did he steal your laptop?”

“Hey Bart, this is Sam. Is Nate there? I can wait.” After a few minutes, Nathaniel picked up, and Sam told him about the theft.”

“Nate, Sam here. Someone stole my laptop off the porch this evening, and we think it’s probably connected to the murderer.” There was a pause, while Nathaniel answered on the other end.

“No, but I did get a good look at his face. He was short, stocky, with brown hair and eyes. Oh, and his nose was abnormally large.” Another stretch of silence.

“Yeah, I could probably identify him if I saw a picture.” Nate said something in response. “You want me to come in, and look through the files? Sure, I can do that.” Sam listened for a few minutes, and then answered.

“Thanks, buddy. You’re great!” He laughed over something Nate said, and then hung up.

“You left your laptop on the porch? Don’t ask to borrow mine!” Emily scolded. “Anyway, do they have any idea of who could have stolen it?”

“I’m going to go in tomorrow, and look through the files to try to identify the man. Hopefully, we can get to the bottom of this.”

“Yeah. It’s really late, we better get to bed.” She said, noticing the time.

“I’m going to keep watch, just in case the creep comes back.” She agreed, and hugged him good-night.


    The next morning, Sam began going through the criminal files at work. He had been going through them for about three hours, when he found the man he was looking for. The man had a criminal past of theft. He had been in prison three times. It said he had also been suspected of murder, but that their hadn’t been enough evidence to convict him. He called Nate in, and explained to him what he had found. Then he took his cell phone, and dialed Emily’s number, while Nate looked over the file.

“Hey, Em. This is Sam, I found the guy’s file.”

“Really? Who is he?”

“His name is Roger Walters, and he has a history of armed theft, and has been to prison three times. He’s also suspected of murder.”

“That’s awful.” He could almost hear her cringe on the other side of the phone. One of the guys called for him from the other room.

“I’ve got to go, see you tonight.”

“Yeah.” Her voice sounded shaky, and he felt bad for hanging up.



One thought on “The Very Creativly Titled Story: Part 6

  1. Could it be he is the one that killed her husband? Getting close to finding out. Good writing as always. Stay warm, icey here but heard snow there. xxx

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