The Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 5

We hope you enjoy part 5 of our story! ~Savy and Ally


Part 5: Sam’s an Idiot

A faceless man was shoving a woman she recognized only from pictures.  She saw Ross step in to intervene, the man pushed him off. “Mind your own business!” He said gruffly. Ross persisted, and the man drew a knife. The man turned and threw the woman into the river. She screamed and cried for help. Ross was about to jump in after her, but the man pivoted towards him and stabbed the knife through his stomach.  The woman was carried under by the current. No, this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen! Ross was supposed to return home to her, he hadn’t died until the next day.

Emily sat up sharply in bed. A dream, it had just been a dream. But that didn’t change the fact that was Ross was gone, and now she had an insane murderer chasing her.  Her heart was beating at an incredible rate.  Wasn’t this sort of fear supposed to go away as you became an adult?  Weren’t you supposed to be braver?  There was only one problem with that.  When she was a little girl, the only time people died or were chased by scary people was in her deepest, darkest nightmares. When she woke up, her family would be alive again.  But Ross was dead.  There were so many times that she wanted to wake up from that haunting dream and find him smiling at her.  But he was never there.  It hit her like a cold gust of wind every time. Tears dripped down Emily’s face.

She reluctantly pulled away the covers and walked out of her room into the hallway.  She nearly screamed when she saw a figure looming over her.

“Em, I had a nightmare. Can you make me a cup of hot chocolate?” Emily sighed in relief. It was just Sam.

“Sure.” She followed Sam to the kitchen. She took two mugs out of the cupboard, and poured the milk. “What gave you a nightmare, Sammy? Watch to many My Little Ponies while I was gone?” She teased, glad to shut her own terrors out of her mind.

“No, we didn’t watch any My Little Ponies! I have far too much class for that.”

“You didn’t?” She said in surprise, that was all Ava was willing to watch these days. “What did you watch?”

“It doesn’t matter.” He grumbled. Now she was beginning to get suspicious, she would have to ask Ava in the morning. They finished their hot chocolate in silence, and each returned to their rooms.


    The next morning Emily was turning on a My Little Pony movie for Ava, when she remembered to ask what they had watched.

“Ava, what did you and Uncle Sam watch last night?”

“Uncle Sam watched a movie, and I played with my ponies in the living room.” Ava replied.

“What did Uncle Sam watch?”

“He watched a movie about zoomies.”

“Zoomies? What’s a zoomie, honey?”

“You know a zoomie, a dead person. They’re really yucky.” Ava made a face.

“A zombie?”

“Yeah, that’s what I said, a zoomie.” Emily finished setting up Ava’s movie, and stomped into the kitchen. How dare he show her a zombie movie! She was going to get to the bottom of this, and then he was going to pay! She filled a large glass with water, and stormed into Sam’s bedroom. The lazy bum had the nerve to sleep like an innocent baby, when he had just shown a horror movie to her 5-year-old daughter! She dumped the cup of water on his face.

“Get up, you idiot, and tell me what you showed to my sweet daughter last night!” She was screaming now.

“What on earth? Emily? What are you yelling about?”

“Tell me what you watched with Ava last night!”

“I watched a movie in the living room, and Ava played in her bedroom.”

“Ava obviously saw enough of the trash you were watching to know it was about zombies! Now, what did you watch?”

“World War Z.” He mumbled under his breath.

“What was that?”

“World War Z.” He answered louder.

“World War Z!” She screeched. “You watched World War Z with a 5-year-old! Where is it?!” He reached under his pillow and drew out the movie. She snatched it from him, and gave him a hard thump over the head with the case. She took the DVD out of the case, and snapped it in half.

“Hey! That belongs to one of the guys at work!” He leapt out of bed.

“Not anymore! You’ll have to pay him back.” With that she stomped out of the room, and slammed his door.


    That evening Emily was reading Ava a bedtime story, when Princess started barking in the back yard. She got up, and was at the back door when the yapping stopped suddenly. She opened the door and turned on the light, and hugged the baseball bat she had grabbed as a weapon to her chest. Why did Sam have to go to work tonight? She walked down the porch steps, and nearly tripped over the little dog’s body. She gasped, and put a hand over the mouth to muffle the scream. The poor little yorkie lay dead at her feet, a knife through her stomach, a message written in the dirt next to it. The message was short, but to the point: Death, Doom, Despair.  



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