The Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 3

Hey everyone! You know what day it is? It’s Thursday! That means it’s time we post the third part of our story! We hope you enjoy it! ~Savy and Ally

Part 3: The Gift Card

A week later Emily got ready for her boss’s party feeling tired and disoriented. She hadn’t slept well since the break-in. She was afraid to sleep. And the fact that Ava had been sharing her bed didn’t help, because her daughter was a violent kicker. She still hadn’t decided on a gift, so she was going to stop at YoYo Yogurt and buy a gift card on the way. After all, who doesn’t like frozen yogurt? She was digging through her purse looking for her keys, when she found a Golden Goblet Seafood Restaurant gift card.  How long had this just been lying in her handbag? She guessed about two years. It said something about how often she cleaned out her purse. She flipped the card over to see how much it was worth. It was worth $30.00! She glanced at her phone, she was going to be late. She didn’t really have time to stop anywhere. She knew what she was about to do was cheap, re-gifting a gift card. She picked it up, and was about to put it in the bag, but hesitated. What if she had spent some of it, and just didn’t remember? No, she was positive she hadn’t spent any of it. After all, she hated seafood. She made a quick decision, and dropped it into the gift bag. She grabbed her keys, and rushed out the door.


By the time her boss started opening gifts, Emily had completely forgotten about the gift card. She had spent most of the party chatting with Zoey, and was really enjoying herself. Then her boss got to her gift, and her guilt came rushing back. He opened it, saw the price, and looked at her with surprise.

“Wow, Emily. Thanks a lot.”  He said.

“Uh, you’re welcome.” She felt awful. She was such a cheap person. The guilt threatened to overwhelm her. Re-gifting a thirty-dollar gift card, how low could a person go? She felt a headache coming on, and excused herself to the kitchen.

“Are you alright?” She jumped when she heard Toby’s voice. Where had he come from?

“I’m fine, I just have a slight headache.” She told him.

“I’m sorry, do you want some Aspirin? I think Uncle James has some in the cupboard in the bathroom.” He asked in his slightly annoying, squeaky voice.

“Thanks, but I have some Ibuprofen in my purse. I think I’ll just head home.”

“Okay, thanks for coming.” She thanked him for inviting her, and went to tell Zoey good-bye.


It was dark when Emily started home, and she turned on her favorite CD of hymns. She hummed as she drove; it was a twenty minute drive. Soon she noticed headlights behind her. She stopped humming. It was so reminiscent of the night Ross died. Driving along a country road in the dark, headlights coming closer at a surprising speed. She nearly screamed.

Stop thinking about that Emily! You are over reacting! She told herself. This isn’t the night Ross died, this is a normal, everyday evening. I will go home to Sam and Ava, and eat ice cream. Yes, ice cream. Think about ice cream, Emily! Think about Ava!

Images flashed through her head. Lights. Bright lights. Speeding up. Pull over! ROSS, PULL OVER! Crack! His head smacked against the windshield with horrible speed and force. Her stomach lurched. Blood dripped down from his head and his body lay limp. Pain. Overwhelming pain. Black.

She glanced behind her. Were they coming back for her? No, they couldn’t be. It had to be a dream. Wake up Emily! Wake up!

The truck grew closer, and closer. She looked at it in her rearview mirror, and gasped. She’d seen that truck before. She looked again. It was the same truck that had ran them off the road! There wasn’t anything overly unusual about the it, but somehow she knew it was the same truck.

You are just dreaming! Wake up! Wake up!

She wasn’t going to make the same mistake Ross had made and try to pull over, so she sped up. She roared down the road, going way over the speed limit. The truck only went faster. This was not a dream. The driver was only a few feet behind her when a police car pulled onto the road. The officer, seeing the chase, turned on his lights and started blaring his sirens. The driver of the truck must have panicked, because he turned down a dirt road, and disappeared into the night. The truck hit the right tail light of the car as it raced ahead, and the car spun out for a second. Emily’s heart was racing. She slowly drove out of the middle of the road, pulled over, and waited for the officer to get out. He came over and tapped on the window. She mechanically rolled the window down, overcome with shock. The officer began to speak.

“Ma’am are you aware- Emily? Are you alright?” It was Nathaniel Briggs, her brother’s best friend and the sheriff. She began to sob. This was no prank.



3 thoughts on “The Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 3

  1. Dear Savana, Wow- what drama and adventure!! The only problem is that I was planning to go to sleep now!! We’ll see. By the way, Gabe’s birthday was so much fun, and that apple cider was so delicious I still remember how it tasted!!! Love, Grammy

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