The Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 2

Hello earthlings! Wow! It’s Thursday already, the week has really flown by. It’s time for the second part of our twelve part story! We hope you enjoy! ~Ally and Savy

Part 2: A prank?

“It was probably just a prank, Em. You don’t need to make a big deal about it.” Emily and Sam sat at the dining room drinking coffee and talking about the note. “We get calls from people who say they’re being threatened all of the time. It always turns out to be a prank, either from someone they know or a teenage neighbor. You’re overreacting.” “I am not overreacting! You would be upset too, if someone sent you a death threat!” Emily persisted. “Think about it, Emily. It was probably Rob, you know how much he likes a good laugh.” Rob was one of Emily’s co-workers and he was a huge prankster. Emily relaxed. “You’re right. It was probably nothing. I’ll just forget about it.”  At least she hoped it was nothing. “I’m glad you’re finally-” Just then Ava ran into the kitchen, dressed in a pink tutu and purple princess shirt. “Mommy! Princess pooped!” Princess was their three-year-old yorkie. Somehow, the dog had never understood the concept of being house trained. “Great, just great!” Emily mumbled under her breath as she followed Ava to the kitchen. When she arrived in the kitchen, she found that not only had the dog gone all over the floor, but had eaten it, and was now vomiting! She grabbed the dog by it’s stomach, and threw it out the back door. Thankfully, the dog landed on her feet. Emily turned around to see Ava walking through the mess, and tracking it all over the kitchen! “Ava Marie Stetson! Stop it, this second! Samuel! Get in here right now, and help me!” She yelled into the other room. “Mommy, I want to help too!” Ava pleaded, with her big grey eyes. “No, absolutely not! Sam!” She knew she sounded harsh, but the room was a huge mess. Just then Sam came in, looking like he was facing combat. “Please, get her out of the kitchen!” Emily screamed at Sam. Sam scooped up Ava, and ran her into the bathroom to get cleaned up. Emily went to the closet and took out the mop. She began to mop up the mess, she had to keep from gagging a couple of times. She heard the bath water running in the bathroom, and breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe her brother could keep an eye on Ava for an evening.


Right after dinner Emily checked her email and found an Evite to her boss’s birthday party. It was being hosted by his nephew, Toby, who was in town visiting. She had met Toby at the shop a few days ago. He was a nice guy: a little geeky, in his late twenties, big ears, large feet, huge glasses, and puffy hair. At one point he had spent a whole half hour talking about a new computer program. The invitation said the party was a week from Saturday, at 4:00 pm. What was she going to get her boss for his birthday? All she really knew about him was that he was about thirty-six, large, very serious, and he kind of scared her. Oh well, she’d figure it out.  She got up to get Ava ready for bed, and then went to bed herself.


That night Emily had trouble sleeping. So much had happened that day: the threat, the poop incident, and the Evite. The threat troubled her the most. She wanted to think it was just a prank, but how could she be sure? What if it was real? And who would do something like that to her? She wanted to think about other things, so she chose to focus on what would be forever known as the “Princess pooped” incident. In hindsight it was kind of funny. She giggled quietly to herself. Just then she heard the sound of a window breaking in the kitchen. She jumped out of bed, and flew down the hall into Ava’s bedroom. She was sound asleep, so Emily picked her up, and ran to Sam’s room. She didn’t even bother to knock. She threw the door open and set Ava down on the floor. Then Emily ran to his bed, where she shook him awake. “Sam! Wake up! Someone’s in the kitchen!” She hissed. He bolted out of bed, and ran to his closet where he took out a baseball bat. Unfortunately, he kept all of his guns locked up in the laundry room closet. Strangely enough, it was the only closet in the house with a lock. Fortunately, he was big guy, thanks to his natural height and his work on the police force, which had compelled him to keep in shape. He was intimidating if you didn’t know him, and if he caught you breaking into his house. Sam crept towards the kitchen, with Emily trailing him with a thing of pepper spray. “Go. Stay with Ava.” He whispered. She tiptoed towards Sam’s room. When she got there, she locked the door and windows. She sat on the bed clutching her daughter and a bottle of pepper spray. About 15 minutes later there was knock on the door. Her heart picked up speed. “Em, it’s me. It’s alright, he’s gone. Open the door.” She recognized her brothers deep voice, and breathed a sigh of relief. When she opened the door he held the bat, and now a gun. “Emmy, I need to show you something.” She followed him down the hallway into the kitchen. He carried Ava as they went. Thankfully, she was a very sound sleeper. They reached the kitchen. That’s when she noticed the words. There on the dining room table one word was carved: Murder.



2 thoughts on “The Very Creatively Titled Story: Part 2

  1. Woo hoo! Good writing. I am anxious to hear what happens next. In a movie I saw redrum was painted on walls. Spells murder backwards. Looking forward to part 3!! Grama Bonnie

  2. Dear Savana, This is scary! You mean I have to try now to go to sleep, and wait to hear the next episode!!! Scary!! Your writing puts me right in the situation. I have quite an imagination which is sometimes hard to turn off. So, We’ll see. Thanks for sending me your writing!!! Love, Grammy

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