Top Ten Christian Movies


Top Ten Christian Movies:

1. Courageous

Full of humor and action, Courageous is an awesome movie! After the death of his young daughter, police officer Adam feels like he’s slacking in the father department. His teenage son is becoming more and more distant and his family is still struggling to recover from the tragedy. Together, him and his four best friends sign the Resolution, a statement of commitment to their families. But will they all be able to live out their vows? This movie is packed with touching scenes and hilarious moments. It has a great message, although there is a little bit of violence and drug content.

“We got their leader in the back. If he tries to cut you or go for your throat, just yell and we’ll stop the car.” ~Adam Mitchell, Courageous


2. Fireproof

Made by the Kendrick Brothers, who also made Courageous, Fireproof is about the importance of marriage. Caleb Holt is a firefighter, and feels like a hero to everyone but his wife, Catherine. On the brink of divorce, Caleb has turned his back on Cat and God. That is, until his father sends him the Love Dare, a devotional Caleb’s mom wrote when trying to save her own marriage. Through it, Caleb discovers a faith in God, as well as hope to save his marriage. But Catherine is facing her own temptations, will she ever accept his attempts to save their marriage? This is a great movie with an awesome lesson! The movie does feature some intense scenes that may scare younger kids, and the main theme is divorce.

“I’m like a fine wine. I need about 35 years to reach perfection. The lady that gets Wayne Floyd; she’ll get the complete package.” Wayne Floyd, Fireproof


3. Mom’s Night Out

I’ll keep this summary short, since I’ve already reviewed the movie. In a nutshell: It’s a funny comedy about motherhood. Watch it!

“Okay so here’s the plan. We take them inside, get their hand stamped so they can’t get out, like Shawshank Redemption.” ~Kevin, the violent video game loving friend


4. God’s Not Dead

Based off of the song God’s Not Dead by the Newsboys, this movie is excellent. The Newsboys are my favorite group, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw they had a movie coming out in theaters! Josh Wheaton finds himself in a college class where he is being forced to renounce his faith or fail. When he refuses to declare that God is dead, he challenges the teacher to a trial. They are going to put God on trial, and then at the end of the trial the class will decide if God is indeed dead. The movie ends with Josh and a friend attending a Newsboys concert. I went to a God’s Not Dead Newsboys concert a couple years ago, so it was kind of like watching a memory. This movie is an encouraging and uplifting movie. It is great for the entire family, and is helpful for every Christian to watch.

“Think Roman Colosseum, lions, cheering for your death… Last drop date is the 22nd; you might want to keep that in mind.” ~Freshman Registration Guy


5. The Encounter

It was a dark and stormy night, when five strangers got stranded in a little diner in the middle of nowhere. A teenage girl. A business man. A couple with a struggling marriage. A lonely woman. Do these five have anything in common? When the diner’s somewhat unique owner makes a seemingly outrageous claim, will they believe him? Could this man really be who he claims to be? Each is faced with a choice, will they make the right decision before it’s too late? This is a great movie for older kids and adults. It is enjoyable to watch and points out that each person is faced with a choice.

“It’s my own recipe. Two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen.” ~Jesus


6. The Redemption of Henry Meyers

My Dad jokes that I like this movie so much because the cover looks like the front of one of my romance novels. Perhaps he’s partly right, but it really is a very good movie. Henry Meyers didn’t really want to rob the bank, and he definitely did not want to shoot the town preacher, that was an accident. He just ended up with the wrong kind of people, and they led him down a road he never wanted to travel. Now he’s wounded and alone, without any hope for a bright future. When a young, Christian widow with her two young kids find him, and help him back to full health his life is changed forever. He soon finds himself falling in love with the beautiful Marilyn, but his past is quickly catching up to him. He still feels empty and hopeless inside, will he ever find the peace Marilyn and her kid have? Or will he be hanged for his sins, feeling miserable and void of hope? I love this movie! Probably because it really is a lot like my romance novels, but it’s still a great western! My only complaint is that it ends kind of abruptly. The movie has some minor violence that might scare younger children.

7. Facing the Giants

When I was eight years old Facing the Giants was by far my absolute favorite movie. It was kind of weird, because it’s a football movie and I hate football, but I loved the movie nonetheless. It’s the story of a high school football coach, whose team is famous for losing. Grant Taylor’s life is a mess right now, he’s on the verge of being fired, his team is failing, he can’t give his wife the kids she wants, and his house stinks to high heaven. Why can’t he get his life together? But when he rediscovers his faith in God, he realizes it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about honoring God. “If we win we praise him, if we lose we praise him.” quickly becomes his motto, in life and on the field. In the most critical game of the season, the game against the Giants, his main kicker (is that what they’re called?!) is injured. He will have to send in little, somewhat wimpy David, will they still be able to win the game? Will he ever discover what’s making his house stink? This movie is appropriate for all ages, and is very humorous.


8. Faith Like Potatoes

Based off of a true story, Faith like Potatoes is the inspirational story of Angus Buchan. Angus is constantly angry and bitter, and has a drinking problem. He owns a potato farm, that is rapidly failing, due to drought. His anger threatens to control him, and destroy his life, that is, until he finds God. His life is transformed by his love for his newfound faith, and God works some incredible miracles. But will his faith survive the hardships of life, when tragedy strikes? This movie is an awesome movie about maintaining faith in hardship. It does have some drinking, and a scene that involves a lot of blood.


  1. The Love Comes Softly Series

As I mentioned earlier I very much enjoy Christian romance novels. One of my favorites is Love Comes Softly. This love started from the very first time I watched the movies when I was nine. The movies are like creamy mashed potatoes, comforting and soothing, the plot line takes very little thought. It’s a great watch at the end of the day, when you’re tired and wanting something relaxing. You can fall asleep at the very beginning of the movie, and still be able to say what happens at the end. The movies are adorable and fun to watch. The series starts with Clark and Marty’s story. When Marty’s husband tragically dies immediatelyafter finding their new home in the west, Marty has no choice but to marry Clark Davis. Clark’s daughter Missy needs a Ma, and Marty needs a home, so they enter into this marriage of convenience.  Unfortunately, Clark’s daughter Missy hates Marty. I think you can guess the ending. The series travels over several generations of the family. If you can’t get enough of the Love Comes Softly series, then there is also the two prequels, the Christmas movie, and the When Calls the Heart series. Directed by Michael Landon Jr. the series is done much in the style of Little House on the Prairie


10. Gifted Hands

Gifted Hands is the true story of Ben Carter, the brain surgeon. When Ben was young he was treated as stupid, because he had problems reading. He grew up with a single mother, who was always poor. As he grew into teenager he developed anger issues, which led to violence. One time his anger go the better of him, and he tried to stab another teen with a knife. This led him to realize, that he did not want to be that kind of person. He didn’t want to be angry or violent. So Ben committed his life to Jesus. He overcame huge obstacles and went to college, and later became a world famous brain surgeon. He separated the heads conjoined twins. The movie is an inspiring from rags to riches story, and is great for older kids and adults.




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