Mom’s Night Out

Hi everyone! Sorry, I know I’ve been posting an obnoxious amount this week. It’s the last week before school starts, and I’m taking advantage of all the free time. My parents and I just finished watching the movie Mom’s Night Out. This movie is a fun, although somewhat goofy, comedy. Allyson is a wife, germaphobe, and homeschooling mother of three. Her house is a mess, her schedule is crazy, and her kids are running wild. After a disastrous Mother’s Day, she just can’t handle it anymore! Her life has become chaos, and she is worn out.


Her husband suggests a well needed and earned mom’s night out. So Allyson, along with her best friend and the seemingly perfect pastor’s wife, plan a fun, kid-free, dinner together at an expensive restaurant. But things go from bad to worse when their reservation goes missing and Allyson’s baby nephew is nowhere to be found! The girls are in for a night they will never forget!


Meanwhile, can the dads, Marco and Sean, even handle one night alone with the kids?  Sean invites his best friend Kevin over, who loves violent video games, hates all children, and is completely irresponsible. Sean soon learns that his wife’s job is way harder than it appears, and develops a new appreciation for Allyson.

“Ally, it’s me. Just wanted to let you know that everything’s going great here. We’re all good. We’re just going to take a little trip to the hospital.” ~Sean

Could thing’s possibly get any worse? Oh, yes, things could get much, much worse! As the night goes on they take a trip to the bowling alley, a tattoo parlor, the hospital, and the police station! There’s even a car chase! Through all the chaos and panic of the night, however, Ally realizes the importance of motherhood. Even though she may feel like a failure at times, God gave her the job of mom for a reason, and her job is very important.

The movie is very funny, and extremely enjoyable to watch. It is a bit over-the-top, unrealistic, stressful, and wacky at times, but is still a fun, clean movie. It has a great message on the importance of motherhood, and is a very well done Christian movie. All the humor was clean and appropriate. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, family friendly comedy. ~Ally

“I am like the Bruce Banner of moms.  I don’t want to turn into the Hulk, but it just happens.” ~Allyson, Mom’s Night Out


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