10 Things You Should Know About Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers, aren’t we awesome? We are wonderfully weird, and fantastically geeky. In case your not familiar with the homeschooling world there are a few things you should know.

Ten Things You Should Know About Homeschoolers

1. We randomly burst into song

Generally from movies that are 20 years old and you’ve probably never heard of. We even do it in public sometimes.


2. We have our own holiday

It’s called Freedom Day, and we celebrate every year in early to mid September while the rest of the world is in school. We all meet at local park and eat ice cream.


3. We don’t date, we court

Homeschoolers believe in the old-fashioned tradition of courting. If a boy wishes to court a girl he must first ask her parents, and if the parents say yes then certain boundaries are put in place. The goal of courting is ultimately marriage.


4. We read Shakespeare for fun

I know, we’re weird.


5. Santa Claus, what’s that?

Most young children are raised believing in Santa Claus, but homeschoolers are not. From a young age homeschooled children know it’s their parents who leave the presents under the tree, and not a jolly old man in a red suit.


6. We don’t know what grade we are in

Sad, I know.


7. Yes, we have a social life

The number one question I get from people who learned I’m homeschooled is, “Wouldn’t you like to go to school for a year or two just to meet people your own age?” We do actually have friends our own ages, as well as friends older and younger than ourselves. We have social events such as balls, game nights, and picnics.


8. We can’t form lines

Homeschool lines are pitiful. We just can’t figure out how to line up directly behind a person. We can kind of form circles, but it’s a challenge.


9. We always go to matinee showings

That’s right! While normal kids are in school, we are at the movies.


10. No, we are not all related

Believe it or not, but during Mock Trial we were asked if we were all related. The answer is no, we really aren’t quite that weird.

Well I hope you have learned about us unique people, more commonly known as homeschoolers!


P.S. I’m getting a high school journalism credit for this blog! Homeschool thinking!




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