Once Upon a Dream

Today I am going to give a review on Disney’s latest movie, Maleficent.


Everyone has heard the story of Sleeping Beauty.  Princess Aurora is put under a curse by an evil fairy called Maleficent. A terrible curse that will make her fall into an eternal sleep on her sixteenth birthday.  That is of course, unless a handsome prince happens to come along and fall in love with her.  Or if her fairy godmothers can keep her hidden away in the forest where there are no spinning wheels around.

But what if we were to take a peek at the other side of the story?

What were Maleficent’s true motivations?

What defines true love?

Are the “good guys” always who they seem to be?

Or have we all been told a LIE?


Let’s take a look at a few our characters…




Maleficent is a fairy who lives in a magical place called the Moors.  She must protect the Moors from the world of men who try to take it away, which naturally makes Maleficent their enemy.  Although she may seem frightening, she is kind and spirited.  That is until her wings and something even more precious are stolen from her.  In her fury, she puts a curse on the newborn princess who is sent off to live in the forest.  But maybe the princess isn’t such a little beastie after all.



Aurora is a sweet girl blessed with beauty and happiness.  She lives her days in bliss, oblivious to the evil in the world around her and unaware of the fate that awaits her.



Diaval was a raven until Maleficent saved him from a terrible fate and turned him into a human.  He is Maleficent’s henchman and she turns him into different animals whenever she needs to.  Or whenever he gets on her nerves.



King Stefan is Aurora’s father.  As a boy he was poor and homeless until he became a knight.  After the king’s death he was given the throne and married the princess.  He continues to fight to claim the Moors while his daughter is hidden away in the forest.  But is he really fit to rule a kingdom?



These three are the fairies who take care of Aurora.  They may be fairies, but they certainly aren’t the brightest creatures in the world.  These three get into many silly arguments and are often the victims of Maleficent’s pranks.



Prince Phillip is a nice, young boy who Aurora meets when he is lost in the forest.  Could he be the one to break the curse?

Maleficent is a enjoyable movie and was a clever retelling of the story.  It was evenly paced and engaging.  There were a few things here and there that I didn’t care for.  I didn’t not completely agree with all the morals and thought that Aurora’s character could have used a little more development.  That said, I thought that the pros definitely outnumbered the cons, and I am itching to say more but I have had a hard enough time not giving anything away!

So whether you like princesses, action, fantasy, or creepy creatures played by Angelina Jolie, I think you will really enjoy this movie!

– Savy


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