Book Review!

The book I want to share with you today is “Beware, Princess Elizabeth!” by Carolyn Meyer. Although this is not a book I would ever put into my top ten favorites, it is a book I have thoroughly enjoyed for years. It is a wonderful read for lovers of historical fiction, and if you haven’t caught it yet, I love history! The book is all about Princess Elizabeth’s teenage years. The daughter of Henry VIII and the sister of Bloody Mary, Elizabeth is nothing like a typical teenage girl, her mother was beheaded by her father when she was a baby, her father ignores her, and her jealous sisters is trying to murder her! Elizabeth’s life has gone from bad to worse. When she was younger her father would treat her depending on his mood, sometimes with love and other times with bitter disgust. When her father dies her only brother, young Edward, becomes king of England, Elizabeth realizes her chances of ever becoming queen are very slim. She does not live the life of a typical fairy-tale princess, but still she is at least safe. However, when Edward dies young, and Mary becomes Queen, Elizabeth knows her life has just become much more dangerous. Mary has hated Elizabeth since childbirth, because King Henry divorced Mary’s mother to marry Anne Boleyn, who was Elizabeth’s mother. Mary locks Elizabeth in a tower, and sends spies to check on Elizabeth. Still, Elizabeth knows Mary won’t stop there, and fears for her life. Will she ever make her mark on the world and become queen? Will Mary ever learn to love her little sister? Find out in this exciting book! “Beware, Princess Elizabeth!” is the second book in a series, but can easily be read alone. It is a fast paced enthralling tale, which I read in one day. I would give the book 4 stars, and recommend it to anyone over the age of ten. ~Ally


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