Book Review!


I love the Penderwick books by Jeanne Birdsall! They are such fun stories! The books tell the story of the four Penderwick sisters, Rosalind, Skye, Jane, Batty, and their dog Hound. Rosalind is a mature, sensible teenager, that is, until she develops a crush on an older boy. Skye is the tomboy in the family, and is anything but mature and sensible. Jane always has her head in the clouds, and is constantly dreaming about Sabrina Star, the heroin of Jane’s books.  Batty is a sweet little girl, who’s constant companion is Hound and her butterfly wings. Hound is a large, stupid dog.

In the first book, The Penderwicks, the family goes on vacation to Arundel. Arundel is a beautiful manor, and they are staying in the guest cottage on the expansive grounds. There they meet Jeffery, the son of the snobby owner of Arundel, Mrs. Tifton. Jeffery is a kindhearted boy in need of a friend, and is a born musician. The girls quickly befriend Jeffery, and he in turn helps them in their antics. Which include saving Batty from a bull, helping Rosalind recover from heartbreak, and finding ways to display their hate for Dexter, Mrs. Tifton’s boyfriend.  It’s going to be one crazy summer!

In the second book, The Penderwicks on Gardam Street, Mr. Penderwick, who has been a widower since shortly after Batty’s birth, must fulfill a promise to start dating once again. The girls, of course, are not happy with this arrangement, and devise the Save Daddy Plan. The plan is foolproof, there is no possible way it could fail, or is there? When there father seems to be dating someone seriously, the girls begin to wonder if there plan will work, or will their father be forced into a marriage, that neither him or the girls desire? When a new neighbor lady moves in, perhaps it’s time for a new Save Daddy Plan. The second book is even better than the first, and continues the Penderwick sister’s tricks, including setting their father up with a weird teacher, taking the battery our their father’s car, and hunting down the bug man. Will their father end up happily single, or will he forced into a second marriage he never wanted?

The third book, The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, happens while the three youngest Penderwick sisters are on vacation in Maine. Although I love them all, I would have to say the third is my favorite. Rosalind goes on vacation with a friend, leaving Skye OAP, Oldest Available Penderwick. Their father is in Europe, and not their to help Skye. The only help Skye has is Aunt Claire and Jeffery, who has joined the sisters for another adventure. To make matters worse Aunt Claire, their father’s sister, promptly sprains her leg when they arrive in Maine. Now it’s up to Skye, and Skye alone, to make sure Batty doesn’t blow up, just like Rosalind’s instructions said. Will she be able to do it? Jane is currently working on her newest Sabrina Star novel, in which Sabrina Star falls in love, this leads to Jane’s love survey. Batty is just trying to survive Skye’s constant overprotectiveness and smothering.  Hound is being a dog, as always. Jeffery is trying to keep Skye from going insane, as well improving his musical skills with the help of their neighbor, Alec. Alec is trying to keep an eye on the kids, while taking care of Aunt Claire. Will anyone survive a few weeks at Point Mouette?

These books are great for kids of all ages, and will quickly become a family favorite! Everyone will love reading about the Penderwick sisters antics! I would give the series 5 stars!~ Ally


 “Cut the rope and toss the ballast! I’m taking you away from this terrible place!”
                                                             Jane Penderwick, Sabrina Starr Rescues a Boy






One thought on “Book Review!

  1. Sounds like fun books to read. Books have been my friends for many years. The characters get to be known and I feel adventure through the stories. They are also great teachers!

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