Book Review!

The book you are about to read a review of is A Peep Behind the Scenes by O.F. Walton. The main character in this story is Rosalie, a twelve year old girl. Other children envy Rosalie. Rosalie is pretty. Rosalie never has to go to school. Rosalie never has to sit still in church. Rosalie works for a circus. Rosalie gets to perform on stage. Rosalie gets a nice dress. Oh, if only those children knew! On the outside Rosalie appears to have a wonderful life, but in reality Rosalie is miserable. If children knew that Rosalie’s mother is dying, or that her father is a drunk, then would they envy Rosalie? How about if they knew that night after night performs no matter how she feels? Or that Rosalie has no real home or friends? Or worst of all that Rosalie has no hope? If they could truly take a peep behind the scenes, would they envy her then? As horrible has Rosalie life sounds, it all changes when a man comes to her caravan and gives her a picture the Good Shepard, Jesus, holding a lamb. Not only does he gives her the picture, but he also tells her the story of the Good Shepard’s sacrifice for his flock. Suddenly Rosalie’s has real meaning, and she finally has the desire to live, and not just survive. Oh, her circumstances don’t change, her Mother does die, her father still drinks, and she is still stuck with the circus. But now Rosalie has hope and a friend and savior. How does Rosalie’s story end? Does she finally get the home she’s dreamed of? Find out by reading A Peep Behind the Scenes by O.F. Walton! I would give this book 4 1/2 stars, it is enthralling and clean. This book has been one of my personal favorites since I was little, and it tells a remarkable story of hope, faith, and love. The love God has for his children. I would recommend this to book to anyone, young or old! ~Ally










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