TV Show Review

If your home is anything like the one I live in, you and your family always welcome a good TV show. One show I recently finished watching on Netflix is the BBC version of “Robin Hood”.  The first episode begins with Robin Hood and his friend Much returning home from fighting in the Holy Land. Little does Robin Hood know that his return is not welcome. His title as ‘Lord of Locksley’ will soon be handed over to the devious Guy of Gisborne when Robin crosses the Sheriff of Nottingham and his villainy.  The joke is on the Sheriff when he realizes that he has just made a lifelong enemy with the sharpest arrow in England!
Over the course of this show you get to meet many great characters. A couple of my personal favorites are Little John and Marion. Little John is a tall and strong character who is very stubborn. He always does what he thinks is best, which usually involves knocking out whoever gets in his way! Even though he may seem like a bit of a bully, he has a big heart and good intentions. Marion is a young, mischievous young lady who is the daughter of the previous Sheriff of Nottingham. Her bravery knows no limit as she plays the dangerous role as spy for Robin Hood’s gang. She is always up on her toes trying to dodge Guy of Gisborne, who is making every effort to win her heart. I like Marion because she adds a lot of excitement to the show and keeps the plot interesting.
BBC’s “Robin Hood” is rated PG. It has violence involving some torture that may disturb little viewers. However, many of the stunts are cheesy, like cutting someone with a sword and no blood appearing on the blade. So even though it is intense in some parts, in general it doesn’t get too graphic. There are also some downsides to the show, such as a bit of poor casting, costumes that don’t quite fit the time period, and so on and so forth. Despite it’s faults, the show “Robin Hood” is really fun and enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a taste for action!

– Savy


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