Book Review!

The book I chose to share with you all today is The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers.  In The Last Sin Eater the main characters are a ten-year-old girl named Cadi Forbes and a Fourteen-year-old buy named Fagan Kai. Both Fagan and Cadi are plagued with regrets and guilt. Cadi lives in constant blame for the death of her sister, and believes her mother hates her for killing her sister. Fagan appears to be confident and skilled, but in reality is suffering just as much as Cadi, because of his father’s abuse and cruelty. Is there any hope for either of them? Or must they live in guilt and regret until they die, when the Sin Eater comes and takes away their sins? When Cadi decides she can bear her guilt no longer, she goes searching for the Sin Eater, to beg him to take away her sin before she dies. Fagan also wishes to be freed from his pain, and joins Cadi in her search for the Sin Eater. When they find him, the Sin Eater tries, but fails to free them from their guilt.  Will they ever be free? Is it possible this Man of God holds the answers? This book is full of excitement, and is a wonderful read! I would give it 5 stars! It has a wonderful moral of salvation, is based off of a real tradition in mid-1850’s, and is completely appropriate for anyone over the age of ten. I would highly recommend this book to any history lover!


4 thoughts on “Book Review!

    • It’s probably in a box in the garage or I might have loaned it out, forgetting it was yours, but either way it’s falling apart from so many years of use.

      • It was falling apart from so much love! I also found it so now I have to re-read it.

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