10 Fun Facts About Disneyland!

Anyone who knows me could probably tell you that I’m a Disney fanatic! Disneyland is definitely one of my favorite subjects, after all, who doesn’t love Disneyland?! Today I have chosen to share with you ten slightly random facts about Disneyland.

1. Walt Disney was afraid of mice!

Who would have guessed? That’s right! The creator of perhaps the world’s most famous mouse, was afraid of mice!


2. The drawbridge leading into Sleeping Beauty’s Castle has been raised and lowered twice, once at the opening of Disneyland, and when Fantasyland was rededicated.

The bridge is real, but has only been raised and lowered twice. It would have been a great honor to have been there during these occasions.


3. At the top of the Matterhorn Bobsled ride there is a basketball court.

It’s true, there is actually a small space at the top of the Matterhorn Bobsled ride, which contains a hoop, backboard, and markings on the floor. The space is much, much smaller than a normal court, and it may be stretching it a bit to call it an actual basketball court. The space is used as a recreation and resting area for the real mountain climbers, who climb the Matterhorn.


4.  For $150 you can buy a small piece of Disneyland.

It cost that amount to buy a small hexagon shaped brick at the entrance of Disneyland, to have your name engraved in it.


5. In the tunnel under Sleeping Beauty Castle, that guest walk through to get to Fantasyland there is a small gold marking, that marks the exact center of the park.

Can you find it?


6.  The opening day of Disneyland was a disaster!

The blacktop wasn’t completely dry, a lot of the tickets were forged, and the plumbing didn’t work.


7. Sleeping Beauty Castle is much smaller than it appears.

The castle is built in a special way that makes it look bigger that it really is. The castle is also lined with gold, so that it sparkles all the time.


8.  There are 100 regions represented by animatronics in It’s a Small World ride.

Some of those regions are represented by Disney characters. I’m not sure if Ariel’s under the sea world counts as a region or not.


9.  There are 68 horses on King Arthur’s Carrousel, and all of them are different.

Wouldn’t you like the job of painting all of those?


10.  There are 999 ghost in The Haunted Mansion ride.

Are you scared?




2 thoughts on “10 Fun Facts About Disneyland!

    • I also have a slight phobia of squirrels, all because of the Dinky incident. I tell you, either that squirrel has rabbis or its possessed! It’s just not natural for squirrels to chase people! ~Ally

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